The A-Z of AI


Guidelines that govern how AI is built and used.

Much like ethical codes and laws that govern society, ethical guidelines help shape the way AI is developed.

Any powerful technology raises questions about its use. Society takes into account not just how a technology will be used to solve problems, but how it might be misused — codes of conduct and guidelines can help to safeguard against that.

AI has brought a variety of ethical considerations with it.

Systems that can function with minimal human guidance are bound to raise debate about the level of restriction required. In addition, some AI systems are so complex in their calculations that it may not be easy for humans to check how they reached their output. As such, society may not feel comfortable assigning them to certain tasks without extensive testing and putting other safeguards in place.

Thoughtful businesses are continuously examining and revising the ethical frameworks that guide their AI projects, and communities dedicated to exploring the ethics of AI open up new conversations that evolve alongside these technologies.

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