The A-Z of AI

Artificial intelligence

At its heart, AI is computer programming that learns and adapts.

Artificial intelligence is the name given to any computer system taught to mimic intelligent human behaviors.

It refers to anything from programs taught how to play board games and translate languages to complex systems that can have human-sounding conversations, analyze the stock market or help to diagnose health conditions.

AI is powering practical tools that exist all around us.

These technologies already show up in everyday life — helping to organize photos on our smartphones or plan a commute to work. They take tasks that have historically required considerable human intellect and work through them using computer programming.

The last decade has seen major progress, sparked by increasing computer speeds and the introduction of techniques such as machine learning. As a result, AI is now becoming increasingly woven into the way we live, work and make sense of the world.

Ultimately, the future of these technologies will depend heavily on what people decide to do with them, but the promise they have to transform human challenges is becoming clear.